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Department of Applied Sciences
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Department of Applied Sciences

Faculty Achievements

Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Professor, Applied Science SIRT, published a book entitled *Fundamentals of communication* by Lambert Publication.


A Copy right achieved by Dr. Deepshikha Acharya, Dr. Amrita Dwivedi and Mr. Surendra Badgurjar, on the topic "Course File of Engineering Physics", Registration No. L- 113257/ 2022.

A Copy right achieved by Dr.Preeti Sharma,, Dr.Neelu Singh, Dr. Meena Mourya,and Dr. Deepti Khare, on the topic "Course File of Engineering Chemistry", Registration No. L- 114600/ 2022.


Dr. Gurusharan Kaur has received a Patent for Effective Sampling Analysis Of Store Image On Consumer Behavior And It's Loyalty (Patent No. 1188176) from Canadian Copyright Database.This book has been designed to serve as a text for students studying science subjects such as Biotechnology, Micro-biology, Pharmacy and Environmental Science.
It’s a modest attempt to help young students to understand this fascinating subject in a systematic manner in a simple language. 

Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Professor, Applied Science SIRT, published a book entitled *Fundamentals of Communication*

  • ManojSharma,H.O.D of Applied Science Deptt. has selected as a member of Editorial Board for International Journal of Engineering Education Transformations (2397-1097).
  • It’s a matter of proud that Dr. Pradeep Dwivedi, Professor in Applied Science Department,
    appointed as a Editorial Board member of Pure and Applied Mathematics international journal. 
  •  MOU signed between Sagar institute of research & technology (Applied Science Dept.) and
    PROFESSIONALS) where the industry partner benefited the students by their skills and
    expertise by conducting specialized training and expert sessions in Applied Science dept.
  • “Role of Variables, Classification, Tabulation Graphical and Diagrammatic Representation of Numerical Data in Biological systems” for the publication in an Edited Book titled “ADVANCEMENT IN BIOTECHNOLOGY AND PHARMACEUTICAL MATHEMATICS”.
    ​ISBN NO:  978 – 93-91342-36-4, April- 2022
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