“Dreams turned into vision”

 Today I’m going to talk about the young dynamic leader, full of happiness and amazing new ideas, inspiration of every SAGIAN’s, my personal favourite, our respected young Executive Director of THE SAGE GROUP, “Miss. Shivani Agrawal.”

She is an inspiration for many minds. She is very humble and kind in nature. I especially loved how she has a positive solution to each problem and challenge. As we all know, she’s daughter of number one of the top businessman of Madhya Pradesh and respective Chairman and Managing Director of THE SAGE GROUP, “Er SANJEEV AGRAWAL”. She studied from MANIT Bhopal and USA but still she has no attitude, she is very supportive and down to earth. She is a type of POSITIVE ENERGY who carries a mesmerising and charming smile on her face that makes everyone happy & calm around her.

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”

I first saw her in my orientation program. A girl entered in the auditorium with perfect charm on her face, she seemed real attractive and perfect, yes! That girl was our ED mam, “Miss Shivani Agrawal”.

On the day of orientation she said, “We need a Big Change! Big change for better future and these words motivated us to such an extent that it reduced or maybe made all our degeneration disappears. She started from myself, and then it got turned to our self making this world better one than before.” And her words went deep down to my heart ❤.  And from that day she became my Inspiration of doing something good. On 15th August 2020, I got a chance to meet her again on SAGE AMBASSADORS PROGRAM. Only because of her every SAGEIAN got a chance to enhance their skill. She taught us that we all have that power through which every student can do something great. She taught us about “SAT-CHIT ANAND”, and again she touched my heart. I started following her and found that she has really worked hard on her dreams and how she has turned her dreams into passion. She is such an amazing inspiration for every SAGIAN.

SAGEian Jyoti Sharma.
B.Tech IInd Year,
SIRTS Bhopal
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