SAGE Athon
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SAGE Athon

Solution Uploading Time Up-to 8 AM on 25th Nov 2021

Registration Link: 

Evolution Criteria of Solution: - There are four evolution criteria to evaluate the solution to announce winners of the events.  Criteria are as follow:

Following are the Rules for evaluation of your coding solutions for Sage-Athon over-night coding competition.

 Total Marks= 40

     1. Marks for time submission (10 Marks)

          If you submit

      2. Marks for complexity (10)

          Space complexity:-5 Marks(best complexity will get the maximum marks)

          Time complexity:-5 Marks (best complexity will get the maximum marks)

  1. Length of code (10 Marks)

         More you write short code more number you will get (so prefer to use more built in functions)

  1. Good coding (10 Marks)

Note:  In case of multiple winners IT dept SIRT has rights to select final winner through random selection.

Note:  All rights reserved to IT Dept SIRT.

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