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Department of MBA
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Department of MBA


Programme Outcomes (POs):
PO 1. Enhance Communication skills and develop personality and two way communication in the class.
PO  2. Exposure to Industry through Industrial Visit & Industrial training during summer.
PO  3. Exposure to outside experts through Guest Lectures.
PO 4. Exposure of faculty & students to International/National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Symposium Industry Institute Conclave.
PO 5. More focus on Value Addition Courses which will be useful at the time of Campus Placement
PO 6. Bridging the gap between Industry demand and students’ skills by providing Campus training Programs and to ensure effective placements for students.
PO 7. Encourage students for becoming Entrepreneurs.
PO 8. Encouragement for faculty members to do Research Projects in various funding agencies like ICSSR, MPCOST, MHRD etc with proper involvement of student in project work.
PO 9. Better internal grading based on the performance in various academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
PO 10. Regular features including Alumni Activity, Umang Sagar, National Conferences and Workshops.
PO 11. Collaboration with Bhopal Management Association and organizing programs time to time.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO 1.  MBAs will be able to find employment in corporate sector of the country and even abroad. 

PEO 2. MBAs will be able to start their own enterprises providing employment to others. 
PEO 3. MBAs will be able to serve in NGO’s and social organizations by the dint of their managerial capability. 

PEO 4. MBAs will be able to demonstrate skills in presentation, leadership, teamwork, social responsibility and entrepreneurship. 

PEO 5. MBAs will be able to work for interdisciplinary research by using modern management concepts. 
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